Color of the Week in Decor: Red, White, & Blue

We partnered with Color Solutions International to highlight trending colors designers are using to guide the next fashion trends. In honor of 4th of July, Vishion chose 3 colors to highlight this week: red, white, and blue!

Professionals use CW0505833 to identify the beautiful blue and CW0300459 to identify the bold red and communicate these color selections to their partners.

I used the Vishion application to find a style for different rooms in the house using our country’s colors.

Vishion Decor Finds

Don’t let the holiday fool you. Red, white, and blue aren’t just for the 4th of July. They can be combined to make some pretty cool and modern interiors for your home. I was inspired to recreate 2 gorgeous posts and the Vishion Application helped me do it! I focused on designs that featured the bold red with small accents of blue.

Living Room

This living room is amazing. The rustic, distressed brick wall paired with the bright red that’s toned down by the blue pillows is an interior designer’s dream. I especially love this look because the red is used in the perfect way. The couch is the statement piece in the room and everything else is neutral toned to blend and let the red shine. I think this would be the perfect living room for an uptown apartment.



Design by @LaurelAndWolf

I love this design because even though there’s a very bright red that takes up a large portion of the room, the room is still bright and airy. The rug is my favorite part. Like I said, it’s a statement piece but it doesn’t take away from the cozy feeling of the rest of the room. 

Favorite Red Furniture


I love the two looks above.  While I was creating them, I fell in love with all of the other options the Vishion Application had to offer in red. It’s such an easy accent color! Here are some of the cute and trendy red furniture that I think would look great in any home!

Let us know what your favorite combination of decor items is in the comments below!

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