Color of the Week: Pale Lilac

 Vishion’s color of the week is a pale lilac. This cool-tones color is beautiful and perfect for the fall.

I used the Vishion application to help complete a look with our pastel color of the week!

Fall Wedding


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Fall wedding season is upon us! Pastels look amazing in the fall and our color of the week is no exception!


Whatever color you decide for your wedding, accessories are an easy way to incorporate it into your day. Whether you’re wearing it, or someone in your wedding party is, these earrings will look amazing in a pale lilac wedding.

Shoes are almost as important as your wedding dress, so having them included in your wedding colors makes coordinating easy!


There are so many options for great bridesmaids dresses in this color! It’s pale enough that it won’t upstage the bride’s dress and it has just enough color to work with a variety of skintones! You can find a dress in this color no matter what your style is. I love the Monique Lhulier dress and I’ve always been a sucker for Marchesa dress and this one is beautiful if you want your bridesmaids dresses to be a little outside of the norm.


Getting men to wear color can sometimes be a challenge, but with this pale color anyone will want to wear it. I love this combo for menswear. It would be perfect for a groom. The jacket is something special that any groom would look amazing in and the groomsmen could wear the ties.

Fave Wedding Picks

I am absolutely in love with the long Asos dress. The sleeves are unique while the dress as a whole is still very similar to a traditional bridesmaid’s dress. The short Asos shows that this lilac looks good on any length of dress. I also really like the idea of changing shoes between wedding and reception. A pair of stylish heels for the ceremony and cute slide-on flats for the party after!

Let us know which dress you would pick for your wedding in the comments section!

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