Color of the Week: Olive Green

We partnered with Color Solutions International to highlight trending colors designers are using to guide the next fashion trends. Vishion’s color of the week is an olive green that looks great in all seasons!

Professionals use CW0902949 to identify and communicate this color selection to their partners.

I used the Vishion application to help me recreate 3 designs based around the nature that olive green inspires through jungle print!

A Room To Inspire

When I found this on Instagram, there was an instant moment of jealously for whoever gets to set foot in this room, let alone live here. This picture inspired me to make this whole post!

Jungle print has been everywhere this season. Everyone wants to use it, but it can easily get out of hand. So I’ve put together 3 ways to decorate using  jungle print with feeling like you’re trapped in an actual jungle.


The Wallpaper

I think my favorite way to use jungle print is as wallpaper. I think it brings a fun, yet calming vibe to a bedroom. Paired with neutral decor and furniture, the jungle print is the star of the show without being too visually stimulating. It can easily make your bedroom into a summer vacation every day.

The Bathroom

I haven’t seen jungle print in the bathroom much, so I wanted to put some pieces together that I think would look great! The bathroom is such a small space so it’s hard to not over do the jungle theme. I think the shower curtain is great way to decorate your bathroom! Adding simple green hand and bath towels can help pull the room together. I also added in a jungle print shower mat for some fun decor inside the shower!

The Bedspread

Here’s another bedroom look but with the jungle print featured on the bedspread. I gave two options for the bedspread. The first is a calmer jungle pattern than the second. It just depends in whatever style and however vibrant you want your spread to be! I also love pairing two different worlds. The fun and adventurous jungle print would look so unique coupled with the rustic, exposed brick wall paper. The modern touches of decor are just enough to bring the two worlds together.

Let us know what your favorite jungle print design is in the comments below!

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