Color of the Week: Green

We are working with Color Solutions International to highlight trending colors designers are using to guide the next fashion trends. Vishion’s color of the week is a gorgeous green.

I used the Vishion application to help complete a look with our green color of the week!



If you’re new to wearing color or just trying to spice up your wardrobe, pairing a beautiful color with neutrals is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water. Adding neutrals that are similar in color, but not exactly the same will give you the best results. You’ll look put together but not boring, sophisticated but fun. This look is flirty and perfect for anyone experimenting with color.

Add a Bit More Color

The next step from using neutrals is creating a great color combo. This yellow looks amazing with the green. The dress, earrings, and shoes all match really well and adding the yellow makes the outfit pop. The look is cohesive and fun and so easy to recreate. Anyone can feel confident in these colors!

Embrace the Color

The best way to be good at styling color is to just go all out with it. The Vishion application is the perfect tool to help you put all of your favorite vibrant colors together. Our green color of the week is slightly cool-toned, so other cool colors with the same vibrance will look amazing with it like this magenta and sapphire blue.

Let us know which green floral look is your favorite in the comments section!

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