Gleaming Gold Decor

We partnered with Color Solutions International to highlight trending colors designers are using to guide the next fashion trends. Vishion’s color of the week is gorgeous gold!

Professionals use CW0101054 to identify and communicate this color selection to their partners.

I used the Vishion application to recreate 3 boho gold designs by Anthropologie!

Gleaming in Gold

I am obsessed with everything that Anthropologie does. Their decor products are so fun and fresh and were the perfect designs to spotlight with our current color of the week.


Golden Couch



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Who knew a gold couch could look so good?? This looks amazing with the neutral decor paired with the natural light pouring in from the window. It ensures that the couch’s color isn’t overbearing or dominating the room. The room still looks light, airy, and easy even with all of that color!

Beautiful Buffet



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This is one of the coolest buffet tables I have ever seen. The pattern and the color give a celestial feeling. A statement piece like this is so fun because you can easily dress it up with candles, mirrors, and small decor, or you can leave it as is and it will stand out on it’s own. No matter how you decide to decorate this beauty, it will be a show stopper.

Mirrors of Gold



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How dreamy is this room? These tall golden mirrors are inspirationally beautiful. The white and gold accents all over the room look modern and beautiful with a carefree feeling. This would make a perfect personal dressing room for any home!


Let us know what your favorite gold Anthropologie design is in the comments below!

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