Color of the Week in Decor: Raspberry

We partnered with Color Solutions International to highlight trending colors designers are using to guide the next fashion trends. Vishion’s color of the week is raspberry, a deep shade of pink with red and purple undertones.

Professionals use CW0201600 to identify and communicate this color selection to their partners.

I used the Vishion application to find a decor styles in this bright orange!

3 Instagram Inspired Raspberry Rooms

There are so many amazing designs on Instagram, that I chose 3 to feature, recreate, and obsess over!

Look 1


A post shared by beth keim (@lucyandcompany) on

This is one of my favorite designs ever. It’s so light and fresh and easy to do for any bedroom. This is perfect for a dorm room, a kid’s room, a teen’s room, an adult’s room. It’s fun and uses the colors the perfect amount.

Look 2


A post shared by Schumacher (@schumacher1889) on

So, let’s be honest. There’s a lot going on here, but somehow it all works together. Instead of completely recreating this unique room, I picked the signature parts from the design and tried to find similar matches. I love doing that for people who may not like the whole room together but just want a specific piece!

Look 3


A post shared by Fabricut (@fabricut) on

Recreating this room was such a joy. The pink and orange go together so well without outdoing each other. My favorite part is the small details: the pink hardware on the desk, the different sized shelves. All of it really makes the room cool and unique. Click to the right to see a few more options for this decor!

Let us know what your favorite raspberry room is in the comments below!

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