Color of the Week in Paint: Queen Anne Lilac

The walls are painted in Sherwin-Williams® Queen Anne Lilac (Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams)

The hallway in my home is still covered in builder beige. I truly dislike the terrible, bland beige color that is inescapable when you walk into new homes and apartments. I feel as though I have sampled every color under the sun on that hallway wall, but have yet to find direction. Multiple shades of pink, blue, purple and gray have been given the thumbs-down by my husband as well.

It wasn’t until I saw our color of the week in Sherwin-Williams® paint color Queen Anne Lilac SW 0021 (pictured above) that I finally felt a glimmer of hope. Although I was concerned he would think this shade of lilac was too feminine, my husband said he would “consider it” for our home. Trust me; that’s high praise coming from the toughest critic.

If you’re considering Queen Anne Lilac for the walls of your own home, the Vishion mobile app can help by you finding decor that complements the light purple or contains the same exact shade.

Decor matching Queen Anne walls

Vishion suggests complementary color schemes to help users Complete the Look. Below you’ll find colors that look great with Queen Anne Lilac and decor matching those color harmonies.

Beautiful Muted Tones

I could design my entire house based on the first color scheme suggested by Vishion. The muted tones play well together but can stand alone as well. Although I am not a fan of pink in my interior design, I think adding pops of the hue can add a nice surprise.

The Vishion app suggested multiple items matching my palette. I also requested gold fixtures be suggested to add a bit of flair to the design. The products you see above are my favorite options, especially the dark green velvet sofa.


Hippie Vibes

I have a strange obsession with matching wallpaper and paint, but it’s also my biggest design fear. I don’t know why wallpaper feels like such a large commitment. If I finally built the confidence to take the leap, I would love an accent wall in the Palm Wallpaper suggested.


Statement Entryway

My need to paint my hallway inspired this Complete the Look suggestion. Oddly, one of the hardest items my husband and I struggled to find for our home were sconces we actually liked. For some reason, every sconce we saw reminded us of a hotel.

I wasn’t disappointed by the sconce options suggested by the Vishion app, although my final selection does remind me of the Revolutionary War time period. A peek into my mind and you see why my husband and I struggle to make decisions.


Finding the right lilac

Paint can inspire your decor choices more directly. Sometimes, you want an item that’s an exact match. With the Vishion app, you can take Queen Anne Lilac SW 0021 and conduct a search to find items that contain the beautiful shade of purple. See a few of those finds below.

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