Color of the Week in Paint: Rosy Outlook

The walls are painted in Sherwin-Williams® Rosy Outlook (Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams)

All my life I’ve been labeled a tomboy. Honestly, I wear the title with honor. I hate the idea of being automatically shoved into a group simply because I am a lady. It is for this reason that I have avoided pink in my decor. You can blame the color of the week or my love of rosé wine, but my avid disdain for the hue seems to be melting.

Although I was anti-pink, I have to admit that I have started decorating my living room with hints of rose. Our color of the week is a beautiful shade of (gasp) pink and is the same shade as Sherwin-Williams® paint Rosy Outlook SW 6316 (pictured above).

If you’re considering Rosy Outlook for the walls of your own home, the Vishion mobile app can help you by finding decor that complements the rose or contains the same exact shade.



Decor matching Rosy Outlook walls

Vishion suggests complementary color schemes to help users Complete the Look. Below you’ll find colors that look great with Rosy Outlook and decor matching those color harmonies.

Colorful Reading Nook


My friends convinced me to join a book club, which I currently use as an excuse to drink wine and hang out with my favorite people. Maybe if I had a reading nook made up of the decor suggested by Vishion I would feel more inspired.

After selecting the colors and items I wanted, the Vishion app showed me multiple options matching my palette. I can see myself reading the Great Gatsby, with a glass of pinot underneath the floral art suggested by Vishion. Even if I don’t finish the book, it would at least make a great Instagram picture.


Enchanting parlor


It could be my obsession with all things royal, but the decor suggested reminded me of items you would see in the castle of Queens and Kings. I could see Meghan Markle on the cover of People magazine sitting on the Berry Chaise recommended by Vishion. I am in love with this subtle, royal feel.


A sunny sunroom


The yellow and orange in this palette are perfect for a modern sunroom.  I love the modern edge of the couch and chandelier mixed with the natural vibes invoked by the hanging chair and roses.  It is a great mix and brings the two worlds together in perfect cohesion.



Finding the perfect Rose

Paint can inspire your decor choices more directly. Sometimes, you want an item that’s an exact match. With the Vishion app, you can take Rosy Outlook SW 6316 and conduct a search to find items that contain this beautiful shade of pink. See a few of those finds below.

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