Overjoy: Sherwin-Williams + Vishion Favorite

Dining room painted with Overjoy SW 6689 | Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams®

I walked around my parent’s kitchen this weekend with my mom, discussing the paint color she should try to match her kitchen. Their granite has orange and black specs, their backsplash is a beige brick and their cabinets are a light taupe.

Her struggle wasn’t about choosing one paint color, but an entire color scheme that brought all of the items together.  As we considered color combinations that could work, I started to think about the way our readers consider Vishion’s color of the week.

You may want to search for an item that matches your paint exactly. For example, finding plates that have the same yellow as the Sherwin-Williams® paint Overjoy SW 6689  (pictured above). Or you could be like my mom, who wants to see the bigger picture first.

In addition to finding items that are the same shade of yellow, Vishion suggests multiple color palettes that match. I can use these palettes to Complete the Look; a feature that allows users to select multiple decor categories and preferred colors to see matching product suggestions.

I provided both options for you, based on the paint that matches the Vishion color of the week. See the color schemes that match Overjoy SW 6689, as well as products that specifically match the yellow paint below.

Overdramatic Overjoy

The first color scheme suggested by Vishion is bright, dramatic and filled with personality. I never would have put purples and reds with this light yellow paint, but when you consider the items in totality you can envision an office making a powerful statement.

After selecting the colors and items I was searching for, the Vishion app suggested multiple items matching my palette. The products you see above are my favorite options, especially if I imagine a light yellow accent wall with the Floral Bouquet Rug sitting under my desk.


An Irish Kitchen

When this color combination was suggested by the Vishion app, I thought of St. Patrick’s Day. The color association meant nothing when I looked through the products suggested by the Complete the Look feature. Where I once saw four-leafed clovers, I now see a nature-driven, homey design. The copper accents are great, but it’s the Valley tapestry that really excites me.


A Dreamy Bedroom

I saved the best for last. This combination of decor, in a yellow room, provides the coziest guest room imaginable. Adding unique pendants over the side tables makes the design so classy, your guests might never leave. You see the specs of matching yellow in the woven duvet color, which tries the whole color scheme together.


Finding the right yellow

Paint can inspire your decor choices more directly. Sometimes, you want an item that’s an exact match. With the Vishion app, you can take Overjoy SW 6689 and conduct a search to find items that contain the beautiful shade of yellow. See a few of those finds below.

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