Color of the Week in Paint: Less Brown

The walls are painted in Sherwin-Williams® Less Brown (Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams)

I’ve walked this earth for almost three decades and can’t remember a single person telling me their favorite color was brown. And yet when I looked at our color of the week, I realized some of my favorite things are brown: Chocolate, Nutella and coffee, just to name a few. Now you can add brown paint to the list.

If you’re searching for a neutral paint color, the beautiful shade pictured above is the perfect hue. The Sherwin-Williams® paint, Less Brown SW 6040, is the same shade as our color of the week. The versatility of the color makes it easy to find decor combinations I would put in my own apartment.

If you’re considering Less Brown for the walls of your own home, the Vishion mobile app can help you by finding decor that complements this shade of brown or contains the same exact shade.


Decor matching Less Brown Walls

Vishion suggests complementary color schemes to help users Complete the Look. Below you’ll find colors that look great with Less Brown and decor matching those color harmonies.

Colorful Washroom

The first color scheme suggested by Vishion is vibrant hues of primary colors. I would be shocked if the person that had this combination in their home bathroom didn’t have a naturally positive disposition.  Imagine brushing your teeth surrounded by these pops of color.

After selecting the colors in my palette, the Vishion app suggested multiple things items that would fit perfectly together in a brown bathroom. The products you see above are my favorite options, especially the shower curtain.


Dining with Hues of Wine

The decor suggested by Vishion to match this earthy palette reminded me of a winery tasting room. The rich tones of the light fixture and matching dining table are stunning statement pieces. I could pour myself a nice glass of pinot noir in the wine glasses matching our color scheme.


The Nautical Foyer

Nautical decor is my absolute favorite. My love for the sea makes this my favorite color palette to match Less Brown.  These decor options show you don’t need a sand and boats to bring the ocean to your home. I envision these items in my foyer in my future beach house. I dream big (and those dreams include seashells).


The perfect Less Brown

Paint can inspire your decor choices more directly. Sometimes, you want an item that’s an exact match. With the Vishion app, you can take Less Brown SW 6040 and conduct a search to find items that contain the versatile Less Brown. See a few of those finds below.

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The Vishion mobile app allows shoppers to search for decor by a specific color. Our color focus enables us to suggest matching products for users seeking inspiration.

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