Vishion + Sherwin-Williams: Cascades

The walls are painted in Sherwin-Williams® Cascades (Photo Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams)

I have always been inspired by the colors found in nature.  As an avid hiker, I love the shades of blue and green that remind me of my time in the mountains.  The very thought of my next adventure brings the biggest smile to my face.

I am a believer that color can invoke feelings of comfort, reminding you of memories you hold most dear. When I look at this color, I am reminded of some of my favorite walks through the woods.

If you’re considering Cascades for the walls of your own home, the Vishion mobile app can help you by finding decor that complements or contains the same exact shade.




The Perfect Match Decor for Cascades Walls

Vishion suggests complementary color schemes to help users Complete the Look. Below you’ll find colors that look great with Cascades and decor matching these same colors.

50 Shades of Blue

The first color scheme suggested by Vishion is for the cool customer. This person is someone who remains calm and is difficult to shake. The style reminds me of my best friend, who fits this description perfectly. She’s a force to be reckoned with, but also the person you want next to you in the middle of a brutal storm.

When I saw this combination, I could see everything in front of me fitting perfectly together. I can just imagine periwinkle pillows on the deep blue couch in a sunny room against a Cascade wall.


Nature-Inspired Kitchen

When I was a kid, I used to pitch my tent in the backyard just to be surrounded by outdoors. This color palette can bring the same sensations into your home. The rug could overwhelm a room because it is such a bright shade, but the Cascade walls will help blend the nature-inspired look.


Dreaming of Lavender

Although I love a good outdoor adventure, I also appreciate a little glitz and glam in my life.  The combination of decor suggested gives me a Marilyn Monroe vibe, reminding me of a Hollywood apartment. I like the idea of combining lavender and taupe, but I love imagining the light from glamourous table lamp bouncing of the Cascade walls.


Finding the perfect Cascades decor

Paint can inspire your decor choices more directly. Sometimes, you want an item that’s an exact match. With the Vishion app, you can take Cascades SW 7623 and conduct a search to find items that contain this beautiful color. See a few of those finds below.

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The Vishion mobile app allows shoppers to search for decor by a specific color. Our color focus enables us to suggest matching products for users seeking inspiration.

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