City Saturation: Santorini, Greece

While I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy my roommates and I decide a trip to the Greek Islands is where we should spend our spring break. Greece is not a place I ever would think of visiting — not because I am not interested, but because it seemed pretty impossible. Studying abroad is an experience I will never get sick of talking about. I admit this post is an excuse to write about it, but I also feel inclined to share. Santorini needs to be your next vacation. I promise you will not regret it.

The combination of architecture, color, and sunsets creates an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world. When shopping in Greece, the “evil eye” design can be found around every corner. It symbolizes protection of the owner from evil spirits and jealousy. A pop of bright blue in a wardrobe is perfect for hotter temperatures, complimenting a chlorine-filled pool or salty sea.

Dress Up in Turquoise

Be sure to hop from Santorini over to Athens for some homemade Greek sandals. I refuse to throw away the pair I bought, no matter how worn down and discolored they get. Slip your feet into some Grecian sandals before the next stroll around town.

Grecian Sandals

For our Greece trip, my friends and I stayed in hostels chosen by Bus2Alps. This company is a student tour operator in Europe, making traveling abroad easy and convenient. They provide study abroad students with educational and fun trips, fitting tourist attractions and personal favorites into a short period of time. The bedrooms in which I stay and restaurants I dine in inspire a a simple (I added the shower picture to show what I mean by simple) and colorful lifestyle. Check out my Greece inspired decorative pieces below.

Inspired Decor

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