City Saturation: Miami, Florida

Remember when I told you to look forward to some beach-y and sunshine-y blog posts about my long weekend getaway to Miami? Well, unfortunately my days in Florida were quite gloomy. Dark clouds and rain showers took over the blue skies, severely cutting into my tanning time.

We ventured to the beach for a couple of hours until we could no longer handle the constant wind pelting our bodies with sand. Although the weather during my trip did not quite cooperate, I still had a great time exploring the city. Here are some of my recommended spots to hit if you ever find yourself in Miami or the surrounding area! I also included some decorative items inspired by each place.


We went to Berries in the Grove for breakfast my first morning in Miami. The open, indoor space allowed us to stay dry from the rain, but still feel as though we were outside. Seated next to a tree, our table is given the comfort of Nature without being engulfed by the storm. Patio-style furniture keeps the meal casual and relaxing. I order “The House Breakfast” (only available Monday-Friday). This was the cheapest meal (and cheaper than all of my alcoholic beverages) I bought in Miami and for the amount of food you get for the price — it’s a deal.


For a late lunch on Monday, we made our way to Green Street Cafe in downtown Coconut Grove. The sunshine finally showed itself, so we ate outside. The perfect place for people watching. I order the “Tomato Fresco, Angel Hair”. I am not one to be able to handle spice, but I could not put my fork down after tasting this pasta dish. FYI, supposedly they have great breakfast!


When I landed at the Ft. Lauderdale airport I was ready for dinner and coffee since I was in for a long night. Being that we were in a slight rush, we decided to grab something to-go. My friend insists on going to Wawa. I’ve only heard good things so I was looking forward to my first experience. I am surprised I can now say I am a fan of a gas station and convenience store — and I wish Charlotte had one. Coffee, doughnuts, alcohol, sandwiches, every snack you can imagine, and so much more. Touchscreen ordering allows you to customize your food and drink items. It’s fun and of course, it’s always good to have options. I got bacon macaroni and cheese and an iced vanilla latte. Weird combination, but delicious anyway. Do yourself a favor and find your nearest Wawa location.



One of the places we went on Thursday night is The Bar in Coral Gables. Yes, it is called The Bar, which is perfectly fitting for the atmosphere. A casual space with checkered flooring, prominent blue walls, and the names of beer offered written across a long chalkboard.


I had to experience the Miami club scene at least once during my visit. On Saturday night we skipped ahead to the front of the line at LIV (located in The Fountainbleu Miami hotel) with a promoter while avoiding the $100 cover fee. Huge chandeliers hang from the ceiling. As I walk through the crowd I feel fancy to say the least. Unless I were loaded, I would never spend $100 just to GET IN somewhere. I mean, that does not even include drinks. A woman says she spent $25 for a glass of wine. I don’t even want to know how much a vodka tonic is. We were seated in a section with free bottle service. So, the key to clubbing is making connections beforehand.

Have you been to any of these Florida locations before? Let me know what places you recommend for my next trip to Miami!

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