Charlotte’s Top Small Business Picks

November 24 marks the ninth annual Small Business Saturday, a day to support Charlotte’s local businesses.  As a small business owner, let me explain why it’s important to shop small.  These businesses create jobs, boost the economy, and preserve neighborhoods around the country. Just imagine Charlotte without any of it’s small/local business.  Small Business Saturday will provide an opportunity for Charlotte residents to show their community spirit by putting money back into our local economy.

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Charlotte is a fast growing city.  Somehow the small business owners are still going strong in this changing city. There is so much talent in Charlotte and over 200 of them will be joining Small Business Saturday.  It can seem overwhelming.  So we have selected a few of our favorites for you!


The Suffolk Punch

2911 Griffith St suite a, Charlotte, NC 28203

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While this hopping South End spot gets busy as a brewery (Hyde Brewing) and restaurant as the day goes on, The Suffolk Punch keeps its coffee bar open every day of the week, with varying hours. The space is airy and filled with greenery.


Living Kitchen

2000 South Blvd #300, Charlotte, NC 28203

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This organic plant based restaurant is one of Charlotte’s best restaurants.    The food is delicious and the atmosphere is gorgeous.


Nathaniel Lancaster

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Although Nat has been represented by galleries on both coasts, he chose to root his career in Charlotte because of positive experiences working in the Charlotte art community.

Hardware Store

Blackhawk’s Hardware Store

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It has been open since 1976.  Shoppers can help themselves to a scoop of popcorn before roaming the aisles for goods as varied as cabinetry, dog beds, barbecue grills and hand sanitizer.


Belle Bélier

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This sustainable jewelry line works with other local leather designers and retailer to create their hand made pieces.



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Green with Envy

Central Ave #200, Charlotte, NC 28204

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This small-business corridor boutiques is filled with cards, books and tons of gifts all made from local Charlotte talent.

November 24, 2018

There are so many great small business, it was hard to choose from.  So make sure to mark your calendar for November 24 (the day after Black Friday) from 11-5pm to get out to Charlotte’s Small Business Saturday and support your local business and shop for yourselves, because you might find a new local favorite.

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