Celestial Decor: Sun, Moon, and Stars

I have always loved this theme. Celestial anything is beautiful and can make anyone feel cool. I was inspired by Alexa Halladay’s Instagram. It’s every thing that I have ever wanted my room to be.

I used the Vishion application to help me find my favorite celestial clothing, accessories, and decor.


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Women’s Clothing

Wearing clothes with the sun and moon always makes me feel I’m a cool girl going to a festival and who doesn’t want to feel that way all the time? My favorite is the Shein and boohoo crop tops. They’re perfect for fall paired with a pair of distressed jeans and big cardigan.


I am in love with everything about the sun and moon on jewelry. And how cute are these shoes. All of the Alex and Ani bracelets are calling my name. I love the black Katy Perry booties with phases of the moon. These accessories are a great way to add some personality to your wardrobe.




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Celestial decor looks great in gold! Cutouts of the moon phases is my dream decor for any room. How dreamy would it be to see the phases of the moon before you go to bed every night. The over the door phases of the moon hook is such a unique way to decorate and incorporate celestial vibes in a modern way.


Circular mirrors are all the rage this season and a fun way to decorate. After seeing these you’re going to want them all over your house. Most of these mirrors are gold and would be a great accent piece in any room!

Let us know which item was your favorite in the comments section!

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