Carolina Spring Breakers: Looks and Locations

Santorini, Greece

Part of being an adult and stepping away from college is not having the privilege of a spring break anymore. I guess those lucky enough to be given paid vacation time can easily take a trip, but unfortunately I am not one of those employees. Do not get me wrong, my boss is very flexible when it comes to me being absent. However, knowing I am missing out on making money while spending quite a bit at the same time is frustrating.

As I sit in my bedroom scrolling through Instagram, every other picture is an acquaintance of mine unwinding on a beach somewhere or sipping on a tropical cocktail on a boat. I crave a flight out of Charlotte, but as of now all I can do is reflect on some of my best spring break excursions. Or splurge a little and buy a plane ticket for Memorial Day Weekend. See you soon, Miami!

My grandparents flock from Ohio winters down to the Florida heat, spending about half of their year just outside of Sarasota. I grew up making the trip to their house, whether it was driving or flying, pretty much every age since I was a baby — sometimes twice a year.

Venice, Florida

The couple instances I skip out on the annual vacay to the charming town of Venice, FL is because I am abroad (highly recommend adding Greece to your bucket list) and for a Carnival cruise (buy the drink package). Two unforgettable vacations. Well, the parts I can remember. Both entertaining experiences with friends that I wish I could relive again and again.

Corfu, Greece
Athens, Greece

Being that it is spring break season and the outside temperature is randomly hitting the 80-degree mark, a trip around the Carolinas is on the brain. There are plenty of places I have not yet been and want to visit, even locally. Here are my North Carolina and South Carolina spring break spots I hope to get to (or get back to) and some beach-y looks to show off while soaking up the sunshine.

Wilmington, NC

Wrightsville Beach

This cute, little coastal city will always be special to me. Wilmington is the town that brought me to North Carolina and ultimately led me to where I am today. I have told this story a countless number of times. Everyone I speak to wonders why a girl from Ohio ended up in North Carolina. It all begins with a family trip to Wilmington, otherwise known as Tree Hill. If you do not understand that reference, all I am saying is you need to change that. Strolling downtown, seeking out filming locations, and touring The University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s campus as a high school senior starts an indescribable love. This love sticks in my heart every day and keeps me wanting more.

Accessorize It

The following are spring break spots I have not yet been, but hope and plan to see. Especially since they are located in Charlotte’s backyard.

Asheville, NC

As some of you may already know, beer is not at all my preference. And the mountains are not exactly made for me. However, I would like to venture upward to discover what this city has to offer. The Biltmore Estate, otherwise known as the largest privately owned home in America is beautifully crafted and I want to stand in its presence. To say this mansion is the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot is an understatement. The cooler air, change in elevation, and a local hard cider in hand may be just the recuperation I need. I may sound dramatic because yes, I am young. But life is rough sometimes.

Charleston, SC

The colorful pictures I’ve seen on social media of Charleston, SC makes me want to take a drive to this adorable and brightly pigmented town. A little research tells me that Charleston is the oldest and largest city in South Carolina. There is a series of multi-colored historic houses named “Rainbow Row”. I mean, come on! Who would not want to witness such a picturesque arrangement of architecture? As someone who has not visited, the Internet gives me a great impression. I choose to describe Charleston as charismatic, pretty, and movie set worthy.

Dress Up

Hilton Head, SC

I have only heard good things about this South Carolina island. When I think about the stereotypical spring break vacation, an immense body of water meeting sand immediately comes to mind. This is especially because of my relationship with Florida and Siesta Key Beach, voted the #1 beach in The United States. I have learned over the years that it is next to impossible to go wrong with a beach vacation — with the exception of Myrtle, in my opinion. Hilton Head seems like a classy and relaxing resort getaway. A chance to wander through a maze of palm trees and various greenery, on foot or on bicycle.

One-Piece Lovin’

Which North Carolina or South Carolina spot is on your itinerary? I am ready to pack my bags!

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