Bundle Up Season

The weather here in Charlotte now has that bite to the air.  With the holidays right around the corner, that means Christmas tree cutting, bonfires, snowman building, and grabbing on to that cold steering wheel everytime you get into the car.  It’s time to budle up you and your crew.  Below are my top picks for the whole family to bundle up.

Bundle Up: Women’s Top 10



My favorites are definitely the grey Kenneth Cole wool coat and the Eugenia Kim fuzzy ear muffs.  The grey coat would be perfect over a holiday party dress for your next event, and frankly the ear muffs are just fun 🙂


Bundle Up: Men’s Top 10

The men’s favorites are the Icebreaker jacket and the plaid flask.  The Icebreaker jacket has moisture wicking and keeps you so warm (I know this because I have the ladies version).  The plaid flask is fun and festive and perfect for your next bonfire.


Bundle Up: Kids Top 10


For the kids I wanted to include practical coats with fun accessories.  The practical puffer coats are perfect for the young ones who will be dashing through the snow sledding this Christmas.  These coats are sure to keep your loved little ones warm.  They also need heavy duty boots to go trudging (and running) through the snow.


I hope you are inspired to bundle up with these warm and cozy options.  Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

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