The Bridesmaid Dress they will Actually Wear Again

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Every bride hopes to find a bridesmaid dress that the bridesmaid not only likes, but will actually wear again.  I know this because I was that bride tried and failed, with my ladies never stepping foot in the mint blue dresses I made them wear again. My sister chose the Adrianna Papell Embellished Blouson Gown for her bridesmaids. Initially I thought the price was a bit high, but then I realized that I was purchasing a dress I would wear more than once. Here is a story of the dress you’ll see your bridesmaid wear again and again.

I’ve worn this bridesmaids dress three times

the dressThis dress is perfect for the bride that likes a little more glitz in their wedding photos. My sister had a small bridal party; just me and my little sister. She had a Gatsby-themed wedding and the dress fit the setting perfectly.  The first time I put the dress on it didn’t feel like a bridesmaid dress… I felt pretty sexy.

bridesmaid dress


You’re seeing images from the three times I wore the dress: as a bridesmaid, to attend a wedding and for a bachelorette. In all fairness, the last time I wore the dress the requirement was to wear a bridesmaid dress. Most of the ladies showed up dressed in the terrible outfits they were forced to put on for their best friends special day. I, on the other hand, looked and felt awesome.

bridesmaid dress

Recommended Jewelry


I would mix up which earrings I would wear every time I put on the dress. The bride selected the earrings I wore during the wedding, which resembled these Kendra Scott dangly earrings. Since the dress is nude, but has a silver-beaded overlay, you have some flexibility about the color of your jewelry. The two times I wore the dress again, I went for a simple Kate Spade stud with a statement necklace and Kate Spade pearls with a hint of rose gold. I bought these Baublebar Gray tassels that I plan on wearing with the dress for New Years!

Other Bridesmaid Dresses that Match

What’s great about this dress is that is easily matches the other dresses offered by Adrianna Papell. They aren’t a perfect color match, but it looks amazing when every bridesmaid is wearing a different dress with the similar tone and sparkle.


The dresses are so beautiful, each of the ladies by your side could choose a different option and still be pleased. Option 1 and Option 2 both have unique embroidery that pops, but it’s the illusion bottom that makes these bridesmaid dresses to die for. Option 3 looks more like a traditional bridesmaid dress, but it and Option 4 are more flattering for the bridesmaids that don’t want the dress hugging their curves too tight.

The best bridesmaid dress?

I would highly recommend this dress for bridesmaids. The idea of having different dresses in a similar color always looks amazing in pictures. At first I was annoyed that I paid a little more for the dress. The amount of times I’ve worn it since has made up for the higher price tag. To check out other wedding themed posts, take a look at our Vishionary weddings.

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