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Finding the perfect colors, furniture, and apps to help you decorate spaces in your home can be pretty overwhelming. You’re not an interior designer and even if you wanted to hire one how can you be sure you’ll find one that will fit your style (and your budget)? That’s where Vishion comes in.  We have an app for all of that.

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My current “living room” that needs a much needed make over

Your living room tends to be the heart of your home.  Where you bring friends and family for events, where you put the Christmas tree for the holidays, and where you hang the best art pieces.  It used to be the room your mom and dad would let everyone look at but no one was able to sit in.  So we at Vishionary want to help you make your living room the room everyone wants to be in and post about. Our Vishion app is here to help make the process simple and easy, with a final product that you’re proud of.


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Below are Vishion’s top picks for creating the perfect living room. One that is beyond blog worthy (and you don’t need an interior designer to do it)! And you can shop items to help pull these looks all together. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know everything Vishion.


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Goodbye white walls and grey furniture! Interior designers everywhere are using color wherever they can!  Obviously we love color but we want to help you find the right color combinations.  Because like anything, too much of a good thing isn’t good. Choose three colors to focus on to pull your living room together.


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Patterns aren’t just for tile or black splashes.  Adding a small amount of geometric pattern in rugs or even couches provides a bold statement.


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Bookshelves are a major trend for a living room.  A bookshelf is a perfect place to photos, books of places you’ve traveled, and even art work you want people do adore. Adding a hint of color or even wallpaper to a bookshelf is key to making the pieces on it stand out. Make sure to layer on more color and pattern with assorted books or magazines and even tchotchkes.

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