Bundle Up: Black Sweater Dress

Featured in this post: Black Dress | Leggings | Gray Ankle Boots | Lips

This post features clothing from one of my favorite boutiques, Francesca’s.  The links above take you to all of the featured items in this post.  Below I will be giving you more of our Vishionary favorite options.

Sweater Dress

The sweater dress is the ideal casual cute outfit staple for the holidays.  Besides the one I am wearing in these photos from Francesca’s, here are some more pics for you to get this holiday staple into your wardrobe.

Black Sweater Dress

Ankle Boots

Check out the below picks for Ankle boots to complete your holiday look.


Leggings and Lip Color

Two things I love about cooler weather…and trust me…(there are not many for this Wisconsin born and raised girl lol)…1. Comfy Leggings and 2. Dark Lip Color.  The leggings featured in this are linked above and come from Francesca’s, while the lip color is Nyx Cosmetics.  Below are some more of my picks for leggings and lip color 🙂

Keep is Sassy and Stylish 🙂

-The Brains of Vishionary

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