An Engagement Celebration: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

My college roommate of 3 years “said yes” to her long-term boyfriend in November, so on Friday night I attended their engagement celebration at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. They say that this is about the age when social media feeds begin to fill up with grand announcements such as proposals and pregnancies. As my thumb scrolls past these posts, I could not be further away from such life events.

I often do not find myself at OMB because beer is not my drink of choice. An alcohol-friendly location that purposely leaves out hard cider and liquor is immediately questionable in my mind. However, the brewery’s atmosphere is the perfect spot when the outdoor temperature warms up and winter fades to spring.

Engagement Party Food & Drink

The party takes place in a private room including a buffet table of appetizers placed on a pure white cloth. There is a bar with a few chosen taps in the back corner. The few beer options provided are not acceptable due to my pickiness, so I head out to the main bar. I purchase a Capt. Jack, AKA the lightest available beer. I do not enjoy it, but still manage to swallow a glass and a half.

The cake is pretty, but my fork does not touch it. I decide to drink my calories and fill up on the German pretzel sticks and beer cheese instead. Yum.

Cute & Casual

Being that this is my first engagement party, I have no clue as to what is considered appropriate attire. I want to wear something cute and casual, but not too casual. Dressing up is much more my style anyway. The black off-the-shoulder crop top from PacSun is fitting for the brewery as well as the club scene we found ourselves immersed in later that night. My friends and I choose a variety of jean skirts for bottoms. Check out my picks below.

Along with not knowing what to wear, I am unsure of what to buy. I end up gifting the happy couple a bottle of red wine and a card — did not think I could go wrong with that. Here are some adorable present ideas rather than taking the alcohol route.

I honestly find it hard to believe I am old enough to be attending friends’ engagement parties, but I guess this is just the beginning.

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