Amazing Combinations from Favorite Designer Brands

Interior designers are lining up to try the Vishion application. Our mobile app allows users to search by color and provides suggestions to spark inspiration. Although we have a few weeks until the app is released to those that make the list, we wanted to show you some of the amazing combinations that can be suggested when you focus on color.

Some of the top brands requested by our interior designers include:

  • Sherwin Williams
  • Schumacher
  • Kravet
  • Robert Allen
  • Cowtan & Tout
  • Fabricut

Dragons and Purple

I love the brilliant colors from Chiang Mai Dragon wallpaper from Schumacher.  While there are multiple paint colors you could select from the pattern, the subtle purple is my personal favorite. It matches Sherwin William’s Cerise (SW 6580), which would make a dining room look like a wonderland. Especially if you match it with an accent chair in the fabric from Schumacher, Palemaro Mohair velvet.

Spots and dots

This is the perfect example of why an accurate color search engine is essential. As you can see from the instagram example of the Seaglass wallpaper below, the lighting and way a picture is taken can completely alter the way color appears.

We love the way the Fabricut wallpaper looks with the Lincoln – Teal fabric, matched with Sherwin William’s Tinsmith (SW 7657).

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Peachy Wallpaper

This combination of paint from Sherwin Williams and wallpaper from Kravet pairs perfectly with the Chester Wool fabric from Shumacher and Lee Jofa carpet from Kravet. These pairing would look great in a sunroom or office.


Snakes and Green

I imagine having this look in my office. I think the Giove wallpaper from Schumacher would surround visitors with a gentle reminder that you are a boss. Paired with Kendal Green (SW 6467) paint from Sherwin Williams, fabric from Cowtan & Tout and trim from Schumacher, this combination will wake up everyone in the room.


Leaves and Butternut


I loved this pairing of fabrics from Robert Allen. I saw them on instagram and left them alone! The only thing I would add is paint from Sherwin Williams; specifically Filmy Green (SW 6190).


Color Search Needs

Interior designers on our waitlist told us that searching for colors takes up too much of their time.

It’s true.  Accurate, color search should be instant. You should at least be able to compare samples against each other accurately online. That’s why we’re creating Vishion. Get on the waitlist today.



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