90s Fashion: I Want It That Way

90s fashion is making a comeback. An era of neon windbreakers, plaid button-down shirts, and overalls. The wardrobes seen on TV show reruns are now popping up online to purchase. Scrunchies and Mom jeans are stocked in stores and I am intrigued by the trends. Many have even made their way into my closet. I was born in 1993, so it is interesting to be able to experience a range of styles — what I wore as a child, growing up and now wearing 90s pieces as a young adult in 2018.

90s Baby

Over the weekend I attended a 90s theme birthday party for one of my neighbors. I am the only one who was actually born during that time period present at the celebration. Because of this, I did not pick up on all of the character references. However, the classic Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys jams blasting through the speakers are songs I can sing every word to — out of tune, of course. As a sorority alum, I have had my fair share of themed social events.

The convenience of a 90s fad revisitation is that I do not need to go out and buy anything new. The outfit I choose is made up of items I normally wear. A jean jacket, high-waisted jean shorts, and patterned crop-top is a comfortable and somewhat familiar combination.

What to Wear

I accessorize with black combat boots, a beaded choker, and a scrunchie with three butterfly clips attached to it around my wrist. I pull a small section of my long, dirty blonde hair into a white clip, hardly strong enough to hold more than what I find on the head of a small child. My lips are a bold, red matte to finish off the look.

Here are some of my picks to put together a 90s look of your own, similar to mine.

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