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Interior lighting is a major part of your home’s design that can sometimes be overlooked. Lighting is a central element of your home’s interior design. When you add the correct lighting you can manipulate your home’s atmosphere and warmth.  Positioning and placement of the lighting and the kind of fixtures you use can even change the colors and it’s tones your eyes see.  That is why it is so important when choosing the right lighting fixture.  That is where Hammerton, American artisan crafted lighting company comes in.

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Hammerton lighting fixtures are the premium domestic lighting design and manufacturing company in the United States of America.  They create custom products through artisan techniques for both commercial venues and home owners.  Hammerton light fixtures create ambience and drama by delivering light to a focal point to any room their pieces are in.

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While touring High Point Market, we were amazed to see how their extraordinary lighting designs quite literally lit up the room.  When you walk into a room with Hammerton design it’s like looking at a sparkling halo of unparalleled perfection!  Hammerton’s lighting unique artisan designs make a powerful statement in the home or space.  Scroll below to see our favorite Hammerton pieces from the 2019 High Point Market.



Jewelry for your Home


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The Gem Ring Chandelier is a show stopper. These chandeliers are made with hand blow glass. These chandeliers rebel against the lavish designs of traditional chandeliers and offer very little detailing. Choose a modern chandelier to add a modern, unapologetic edge to your space.  See all their chandeliers here.




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This industrial inspired dinning light fixture is a show stopper. It’s sleek yet contemporary with beautiful clean lines.  I can just imagine it lighting up a large farm or barn house.




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This flush (like all their other flush lightings) is sleek and made to perfection.   This light is for the point of entry into your home, so be sure to make a good first impression.  This lighting creates a warm, welcoming effect. Their other hanging pendants, chandeliers, and wall sconces will work nicely here.


Contemporary Pendent


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This contemporary pendent is a fantastic way to add drama and ambience to any spot in your home. Perhaps you place it in your dining room or kitchen where you will share  host dinner parties or entertain.   Strategically placing this pendant above the dining room table is essential.

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To see all of Hammerton’s designs click here.  You will find some inspiration and fall in love with all of their designs.  Don’t forget to follow us on social media to keep up to date on all things interior design and color trends!

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