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While looking for a home when you have kids, outdoor space is a MUST! An outdoor space is where you’ll spend 70% of your spring, summer, and fall day/nights as a family. Often, moving into a new home or even new community here in Charlotte will leave you with a back yard that lacks character or comfort.  Using the Vishion Color and product app, you can take a plain outdoor space to an oasis for friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors!  Allowing you to create an extension of your home, so you can enjoy the warm weather and relaxing with friends and family—as well as private oasis for you.

How can our Vishion App Help You?

Our app will give you suggestions as to which stylish accents to add to your outdoor space. Carpets, throw pillows for furniture, and other design touches will create a welcoming feel. Just make sure they’re rated for outdoor use if they’ll be exposed to the elements.

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Paint Colors

Ever thought about painting your fence? Before you start to furnish your patio, you might want to pick a paint color to paint your fence or even deck. If you have a wood deck patio – consider staining or painting it. The Vishion App can show you all of Sherwin-Williams outdoor paint colors that might help inspire the rest of your outdoor oasis decor.

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Now that your patio is looking shiny and new with a fresh coat of paint we’re moving onto furniture. If you entertain a lot, you should think of a patio as an outdoor living space. You want comfortable seating that encourages conversation and ease.

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Our app can give you furniture suggestions that will go along with your outdoor color theme. There are tons of sofas and chairs to choose from but when you have a color theme in mind, it makes the process much easier. Place the sofa along the longest wall, and place the chairs in a pair facing the sofa. This arrangement creates a cozy conversation area. If you’re looking for narrow patio ideas, consider just a single sofa with  a couple of chairs on either side of a round end table.

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Mixing Old with New

If you already have the major parts of your outdoor living spaces, but feel the need to bring it all together? Our app can suggest decorative accessories to make it look like your Pintrest board! You shouldn’t hesitate to decorate an outdoor space just as you would an indoor space. Our app will suggest colorful and stylish throw pillows to the furniture for you, as well as outdoor rugs that will give coziness to the ground or patio floor seating options.

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Let us know some of your favorite outdoor space ideas in the comments below!

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