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Our laundry room is arguably the hardest working room in our house.  Between potty training and the endless spring shower’s we’ve had in Charlotte, we use our laundry room a lot.  At the moment this space is pretty boring, but it’s functional but a mom can still dream.  I’ve been working with a local interior designer to create what my dream laundry room would look like. Below are our top ways to create an eye-catching laundry room that can be both beautiful and efficient!


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Ironing Board

An ironing board is a laundry necessity for specific linens.   But the boards themselves  happen to be big and kind of clumsy.  An easy solution would be to hang it using sturdy 3M hooks on a wall beside the washer and dryer.  In our house we also store brooms and our vacuum beside it.


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Shelving and Storage

When you have a larger room to work with, a mix of cabinetry and some open shelving with baskets works best in a workspace like a laundry room. Below are a few baskets that would be perfect above your laundry utilities or beside. If you’re anything like me your laundry room doubles as your cleaning storage and other household items I don’t want the kids to have access to.  These baskets will help with easy access to things you use more often in this space.


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Hanging Space

A rod for hanging up those clothing items that are too fancy for the dryer is the perfect solution for draping wet shirts and pants around the house. Installing a rod or actual drying rack on the wall space above your machines would be the ultimate way to maximize vertical storage in your laundry room.


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Get the Look

Let us know some of your favorite organizational hacks in the comments below!

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