Valentine’s Day Inspired Color Decor

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I couldn’t be more excited.  It falls on February 14 every year, and is a time for many of us to celebrate the one’s we love.  Since being a mom I tend to celebrate my husband with a box of chocolates and my kids with homemade V-day cards (filled with stickers and misspelled words). But here at Vishionary we want you to go beyond romantic dinner plans with your loved one, we want you to explore romantic color palettes to include in your home to up your Valentine’s Day experience.

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My kids surprised me with an early Valentine’s Day outfit set!

The traditional Valentine’s Day colors are white and pink.  We think warm colors are a safe way to go but we don’t want you to limit yourself to just those colors.  Why not go beyond the flowers and chocolates! Let’s play with color and your interior design. While red is the color of love, there are so many different romantic colors and shades that will defiantly fire up your decor palate.

Purple Tones

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Plum and purple tones tend to be very romantic. Purple is a combination of the of red and blue and has a very  soothing quality to it. Pantone states “The purple family – the most enigmatic of all shades – is a combination of the excitement of red and the tranquility of blue this marriage of two diametrically opposed emotions, a critical balancing act always exists.” Which sums purple tones perfectly and as to why it should be included in your home decor this Valentine’s Day.

Blush Pink

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Blush has been THE color for a while now.  It gives an amorous vibe to any room or outfit.   Pairing it with neutrals really make this feminine yet romantic color come to life. Blush is warm and luscious, perfect for Valentine’s day and after.

Deep Blues

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Dark blues can truly give an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom.  They give a dark yet sophisticated ambiance to your palate that you can be masculine or feminine.  So many colors can be combined with dark blue hues but browns and neutrals help it not seem so heavy (especially in the winter months).


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Another favorite of mine is copper.  It’s warm and neutral.  It gives any room a rich tone to it current vibe.  It can go with anything and is very romantic with soft or bold colors.  I think that copper, if it’s done right can be a staple in the bedroom.


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