5 Easy Halloween Costumes to Recreate

It’s almost Halloween and that means that everyone is searching for the perfect costume. But costumes can be expensive, especially if you’re only wearing them once and then throwing them away. So why not wear a costume with separates that you can wear any time of the year?

I used the Vishion application to help me find easy costumes to recreate with clothes you can actually keep in your closet!


This look is amazing and versatile. You have two options for pants: black jeans with suspenders, or the cute suspender pants below. The striped shirt is easy to wear with any other bottom- jeans, a black or white skirt, a jean skirt, anything really!


Wednesday Addams

The infamous Wednesday Addams costume. This is probably the easiest one to recreate. All you need is a white collared shirt and a black long sleeve skater dress. Both pieces are essentials in anyone’s closet so they are very easy to use in other outfits.


Cruella de Vil

This costume is definitely my favorite! It’s sexy and flirty and who doesn’t need a white faux fur jacket in their wardrobe? Red lipstick paired with these red heels is showstopper!


Flared jeans are making a comeback! But these aren’t your mom’s old flared jeans from the 70’s. These jeans have design elements that make them look modern and fresh.


The classical Velma costume. I know what you’re thinking, who wears oranges sweaters outside of Halloween? After looking at these two sweaters you will! The key is to pick a stylish sweater that you would actually wear with jeans or skirt outside of the Velma costume. I would wear both of these sweaters in a heartbeat. And to make the look even more modern, try wearing black or red heels instead of the chunky shoes that Velma actually wears.

Let us know which reusable costume is your favorite in the comments section!

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