Top Ten Accents for Blush

If you’ve been following us on social media and the blog, you know that our color of the week is Blush.  I covered how you can paint with it but now I want to help you create a room around it with my top ten accents for Blush.  Simply because you cannot run from this color trend, it’s everywhere, from designer couches all the way to celebrity hair. But there is a very awesome reason for this color trend and here at Vishionary, we’re all about it.  Many scientists suggest that the reason behind the Millennial Pink aka Blush obsession due to a reflection of our cultures values.

Photo : we are huntly

Female run businesses and women centered movements are front and center in our culture.   Blush is apparently the mascot for the Millennials.  Most interior designers are also on the Blush train, and that is because for the home it is actually quite a versatile colour. Blush pink is soft and serene and works well with a whole host of colours and metals.

Photo : House Beautiful

Below are my top ten list of accent pieces that you can pair with your blush pink painted walls, rugs, or couches.

The Lights

The Pillows

The Throw

The Plants

The Floor

The Baskets

The Table

The Art

The Fire Place

The Desk

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