14 Lights to Brighten your Day

I wish I was more bold when it came to lights in my house. I always get nervous about committing to something, spending the time to install and then disliking my choice after all of the effort. That’s why I am constantly looking for inspiration. Here are my top 14 instagram posts that made me want to say, “let there be light!”

1. Boho Flair

This whole room is amazing, but the ceiling light is what stands out. Here is a similar big bulbed look from Consort.


2. Blown Glass

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I love blown glass pendants over the dining room table. Here is another option just in case.


3. Symmetry in Lights

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This chandelier makes the room, but it’s pairing with the classic ceiling makes it unbelievably unique.


4. Spiked Chandelier

We love this look, but cannot handle the price tag. Would you like to own this $20,000 spiked chandelier?  You’re in luck though. I found a similar option for around $3,750.


5. The coolest pendants in town

These pendants from Issac Lights do remind me of a birdie from badminton, but I absolutely love them.


6. Woven Pendants

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These woven pendants bring a natural pop to a bright room. These stand-out lights look great with the other wood pieces in the room.


7. Gold Pendant Sleeping

This is my dream bedroom. I wish I had thought of incorporating pendant lights like this into my own bedroom designs.


8. Modern Chandelier

Sure. The dog steals the show in this post. But I do love this modern chandelier from Troy Lighting.


9. Passionate Brass Chandelier

This chandelier from Luxxu is straight out of the Great Gatsby. I hope I have a room big enough room to get this light in an entry way one day.


10. Burst of Sunshine

The lights are stunning. I found lights that are somewhat similar, but these burst lights from an english shop are also great.


11. Rattan Tea lights

While not larger than life, these simple rattan tea lights are a perfect addition to the table.


12. Bedroom Dream

 I love this chandelier from Anthropologie over the bright teal bed.


13. Feather Chandelier

While this stunning option isn’t for sale, I found a feather inspired chandelier that’ll make you swoon.


14. Copper Pendants

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I love these copper pendants in a kitchen. If you want a different look, here are similar copper pendants.


Here are a few other affordable lights I love right now.

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