10 Carolina inspired Interior Designs

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Vishion has a soft spot for Carolina inspired design. Here are a few of our favorites from instagram!

Fresh Start in Charleston

From the countertops to the accent chairs, this Charleston home is a classic South Carolina design. With pops of light pink and blue, the lack of bright color creates a clean and fresh ambience in a room that whispers “relax”.

Chapel Hill Kitchen

I may be slightly biased because this Chapel Hill kitchen has the same color scheme as my own kitchen. White cabinets with light gray and blue backsplash tones make for a calming environment, while the large sliver pendants give a modern undertone.

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Charlotte Theme

I love a subtle hint of local flare in a home. Throwing an artistic map into your design, especially in a guest room, is a simple way to personalize a space.  Our house has a North Carolina Beer Map because our love of local beer can’t be understated!

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Lake Norman Living Room

I selected this Lake Norman design because it doesn’t scream “lake”. Many homeowners believe they have to bring sandy tones into their home, but this modern design begs to differ.

Shoes first Design

If you are obsessed with a good closet, this design is a dream. Especially for the men in our lives who appreciate their shoes to an extent that demands a formal display.

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Airy Carolina Kitchen

This open kitchen with duel tone cabinets looks like it could be the perfect setting for a family movie. It’s fair to say that I am biased with this light gray, white and olive green color scheme.

Small Bathroom with a Southern Charm

Drastic wallpaper is my favorite thing right now. Typically seen in city or modern themed homes, I am jealous of any homeowner that is bold enough to add a crazy pop of color in their wall design.

Asheville Inspired Design

The beams, table and shelves tie this homes designs to the woodland overtones that is representative of Asheville, North Carolina. Any visitor to this southern town would hope for a hint of cabin flavors in their interior design.

Carolina Beach Vibes

It’s hard not to like a room with such an amazing view. The brown, white and dark gray color scheme sounds harsh, but adds an impressively relaxing feel to a beach home.

Gold Southern Kitchen

Last, but certainly not least, is this gold-accent kitchen. The cut of the backsplash creates a unique and memorable look, but the gold hardware gives the ultimate pop in this Carolina kitchen.

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